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The Brother

I am the youngest brother in the family. I was able to experience the other side of the Misophonia. I was the person who had to suffer from a misophonic person.
Only now, through talking and listening, I began to understand what happened in passed years.
I grew up believing that my sister is a pompous, arrogant, control freak, inconsiderate, depressing person, who will not think twice before trying to show me that I am nothing but a barbaric mindless lowlife nobody.

It took 18 months now, to change this point of view and make a closure. 
I will try to share some points of view that will show how complicated situations can be, while in truth, there's no one to blame. 
I am writing this now, knowing that all of what I believed is actually wrong.

It is an utmost importance that people will know how to understand one another in almost impossible conditions.

No, it's not easy. It's frustrating to a point of giving up... but it is possible.

Every now and then, I will add some text regarding a chapter, which you'll be able to see by scrolling down here.

The brother.


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