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      How does this picture make you feel...?


Well, this picture represents daily life in "Misophonia land".
No, we do NOT have a fetish for nails scratching on blackboards.
We simply suffer from everyday noises as you would suffer from nails on a blackboard…or a fork on a plate...

Misophonia is a condition, a disorder that can cause someone to react with a sudden rage and a compulsive non-rational reaction to a wide range of sounds and noises. These trigger-sounds can change the behavior of a Misophone in a split second, due to what can be described as an unbearable physical pain, and it will not stop until the noise is gone or the person that suffers leaves the room.


In many cases, the consequences might be unpleasant at best. However, in the long run, most cases are tragic.

Why tragic you ask?

I have suffered from what is known as Misophonia since the time when no one knew anything about it.

For the record, I was born in 1965. However, Misophonia, as a phenomenon, was noticed and mentioned for the first time in research that was conducted by Prof. Pawel J. Jastreboff in 2002. I, unfortunately, heard about this only in 2015!

So….when I was a child, no one had a clue my hearing was way more sensitive than others, and that made my life miserable.

I assumed that everyone heard the same way I did. For understandable reasons, which then were beyond me, I was the only person that suffered, and there was nothing I could do but complain constantly.

I was known as the one that "everything disturbs her", “everything bothers her”, “everything annoys her” and “The one that wants to control everyone”.

The way I was treated by the ones closest to me, was the complete opposite of what I needed. I was pushed away. I was isolated.

I grew up pretty much lonely, under fear and oppression, anxiety, and depression that I wasn't even aware of, up until a few years ago.

I wouldn't say my childhood was easy...nor my life.

No one knows exactly how many people suffer from Misophonia.
I'm pretty sure there are a lot of us.
As of now, very few people know anything about Misophonia, and this is why I decided to make it my life’s mission to uncover and share this information with as many people as possible around the world.


There are a few goals for this blog. Here are some of them:

1) To raise awareness about Misophonia;

2) To share knowledge both personal and academic;

3) To allow people to speak their minds and ease their pain;

4) To talk about tools and ideas that might help make the days (and nights…) more bearable.

I need your help in achieving these goals.

I believe beyond any shadow of a doubt, that each and every person who suffers from Misophonia, will find this information not only important but extremely helpful.

Make sure they get it.


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